Wednesday, October 1, 2014

National Blog Writing Month? Hello?

I gave a holler down the hallway at the NaBloWriMo page, and just heard my own voice echoing back.  Is anyone participating this year?

I, for one, would like to get my writing game back on; however, I have a new blog page I'm trying out where this year's posts will appear.  Currently, my "Life's Too Short To Fold Underwear" blog comes up on the blog roll over on the NaBloWriMo page, and with no one manning the ship, I'm not sure how to get my new blog page on the list.

So for anyone interested, the new blog is Casual Day Images.

See you there :)


  1. Hi Deb!!! I am not participating this year because I am ka-rayzee busy with the art show and the kids. But if you write, I will read!

  2. Thanks, Dakota! Good luck with your art show! The Octopodes at Play are super cute!

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