Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Life's Too Short to Miss a Lunar Eclipse

The images of the blood red moon haunted my dreams.  Prior to bed, I had checked a website for the estimated eclipse time in my area and glanced at some of the photos of a previous lunar eclipse on the site.  Hence, my sleep was restless at best.  Not wanting to oversleep my alarm, I kept on the edge of wakefulness glancing often at the time and conjuring up pictures in my head of what the moon would look like when I ventured out.

Finally no longer able to stay under the covers, I arose, dressed, grabbed my camera and extra battery, and quietly slipped into what looked to still be the dead of night.  I was surprised at the number of houses already illuminated inside.  Several cars with high beams engaged met me on the highway as I drove keeping one eye on the road and one eye on the moon.

Photo by Deb Rohne.  Copyright 2014.  All Rights Reserved.Heading west, I was trying to think of the highest spot on a nearby country road that would be devoid of all farm security lights.  Finding one fairly quickly, I parked and turned the car lights off.  I immediately became aware of how alone I was. The excitement of capturing a lunar eclipse was overshadowed by fear.  I tried to remain calm, but images of lunar eclipses were replaced in my head by clips from a slasher movie.  I snapped a couple quick shots and kept driving west.

About five more miles passed before I found a rest stop, where unfortunately there were more lights, but I felt a little less nervous about my surroundings.  The progress of the eclipse seemed to slow to a standstill, and I began to wonder if I had actually missed the best part of it.

With the absence of a telescope or even a high-powered telephoto lens and tripod, I don't know what I was hoping to accomplish by heading out into the wee hours.  Living in a flat land region, I don't even have a spectacular view to showcase an event like an eclipse.  I guess it was just the idea of not wanting to miss out.

I finally gave up and drove back home where I walked out onto our back patio and watched the moon through the trees and over the top of my neighbor's house now feeling fairly foolish about the big deal I had made out of the event and not sleeping through the night.  I walked halfway around the block still watching the moon before coming back home and getting back in the car.

A field drive not far from home provided an ideal spot to catch a few shots of the moon in the west as the sun rose in the east.

Photo by Deb Rohne.  Copyright 2014.  All Rights Reserved.

Photo by Deb Rohne.  Copyright 2014.  All Rights Reserved.

Photo by Deb Rohne.  Copyright 2014.  All Rights Reserved.

I may have missed one of my only shots at a lunar eclipse, but every sunrise is special and a gift from God, when you consider how short our lives are.  I'm glad I was given another day and have the pictures to prove it.

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