Thursday, April 3, 2014

Following in Grandma's Footsteps

The tax season is winding down, and that is good news for me. I have been doing data input for a local tax attorney since the first week in February to earn a little extra money. Probably only a couple more weeks of that, and then I can get back to my IMPORTANT, not-for-pay projects, like making jewelry in my new studio, finishing the rug I started hooking in December, cleaning out the daughter's old closet and organizing my craft studio...oh, yeah...and getting back to editing and publishing the Grandma & Grandpa letters!!

It occurred to me at some point that my part-time job with the tax attorney is quite similar to the temp typing job Grandma did with the Donnelly Corporation just before and just after she and Grandpa eloped.  I know they had their share of hardships, but if my life can be as full and rewarding as Grandma's was, I will count myself richly blessed.