Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"Life's Too Short to Hang Out With..."

A lot of my facebook friends have been giving a thumbs up and "liking" the phrase:
"Life is too short to hang out with people that piss you off." Hmmmm...the stories I could write based on that one!! Instead I think I'll flip it around and post: Life's short...spend time with those who inspire and encourage.

A known fitness tip is to run with someone who's faster than yourself to be motivated to push harder. A similar concept is true with relationships. Optimism is contagious.

Life's short. Make a date with an optimist!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Life's Too Short to Run Out of Scotch Tape

"So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." Isaiah 41:10

Sticky situation – From Paste to Glue Sticks

Why do we always see the kindergartner eating the paste? You couldn’t get this same child to eat beans, but paste…? Whose idea was paste anyway? The gloppy gunk on the end of the stick is not going to make the construction paper snowman look very attractive—more like a bumpy, bulgy abomination. Thank goodness paste was replaced by glue on the school’s supply list.

Now “glue” was useful for a lot more situations and a lot less messy. I remember the long rectangular indention in the old school desks that were used to keep the pencil in so it wouldn’t roll onto the floor. This same indention could be filled with glue and allowed to dry until you could peel it up and roll it into a bouncy ball. You could also dip your fingertips into the glue and let it dry and then amuse yourself and your friends by pulling the glue off like peeling off a layer of skin.

Rubber cement--now there was a dangerous compound!! The sniffing addiction alone was potentially lethal. Have you ever opened an old container of rubber cement? It eventually solidifies that brush-in-the-lid right to the bottom of the jar.

I tried spray adhesive once when matting a photograph. I don’t even want to discuss what got sticky besides the photo.

I’m betting a mom invented glue sticks—no gloppy, gunky mess to tantalize the toddler to taste; however, no way to create a body of water on a poster board for a geography project that will never completely dry either; no lethal odor, and it’s so easy to use. Even a mother can complete her child’s school project using a glue stick.

My favorite everyday adhesive is double-sided tape. Even glue sticks will eventually dry up and lose their effectiveness. We use to tease my sister-in-law that she must have stock in 3M because she would completely laminate a Christmas present in tape just to make it harder for the recipient to open. My father-in-law was given a t-shirt one year that said, “Given Enough Duct Tape, I Can Fix Anything.” That statement is absolutely true!! If not for practical purposes, tape can always be used for amusement as well. Some strategically placed tape on your face can make for some fun if you're bored. During the Y2K scare, we stocked up on bottled water, batteries, canned food and matches. But you can never have too much tape.

Life's too short to fall apart. Hold it together with the strength of the Lord (and some tape)!